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Managing Big Data Systems - 2359 Words

Definite answers regarding how much usable data is actually being generated by city-sized populations, and best places to get it could be the subject of a future study, but social media platforms may be the source most easily tapped into for this type of data. Employees of local IT departments are in danger of having difficulties storing and processing data from social media platforms to use as a foundation for aligning social network analysis with the systems . There is a growing demand for those having the necessary skillsets to deal with big data. Local governments (especially smaller-sized ones) might have special difficulty acquiring these resources which makes finding a comprehensive solution for combining â€Å"big data†, SNA, and GIS even more difficult, as data manipulators are in short supply. A survey supporting a Public CIO Special Report (The Trouble with Big Data Talent, 2013), finds that more than half of government agencies polled were experiencing data-related hiring difficulties - meaning there is a shortage of individuals who possess an engineering background, can model data mathematically and can contribute to organizations effectively using data insights for decision making. Using the Data Using data mining techniques, such as graph mining and social network analysis on regional data sources could contribute great insights and improve operations. Social networking analysis is the study and analysis of networks involving social interaction. Types ofShow MoreRelatedBig Data And Healthcare Industry1344 Words   |  6 Pagesindustry, data plays an important role. So it’s necessary to understand the fact that the big data must be used in a right way to make health service industries successful. For managing and analysing the big data it’s important to have a good knowledge about the healthcare data complexity, framework, technologies for â€Å"big data analytics in healthcare industries†. 1. Healthcare complexity: -Analysing big data in healthcare is much more complex as compare to other industries, because the data of healthRead MoreBig Data And Cloud Solutions Essay1267 Words   |  6 PagesBig Data and Cloud Solutions Organizations have accumulated lots of data throughout the years and realized how they could use it for their benefit; this is where Big Data emerged. It has become a way for organizations to analyze data and use it to their advantage. The purpose of this paper is to provide an introduction to what Big Data is, its relationship to cloud computing and its architectural options like: streaming processing, big data storage, application hosting, big data analytics, machineRead MoreAvoiding the Overwhelming Aspects of Big Data in Managerial Decision Making914 Words   |  4 PagesAvoiding the Overwhelming Aspects of Big Data In Managerial Decision Making Introduction Big Data is defined as data sets that are so large that they defy conventional applications, frameworks and methods for analyzing them. The proliferation of Big Data is attributable to the amount of data companies across all industries are capturing on transactions with suppliers, customers, distribution channels and services organizations over years of activity. Big Data, by its very nature of spanningRead MoreWeek 10 Amba 640970 Words   |  4 PagesOperations Management and Information Systems Management at work place. It gives brief problems from my work place – Verizon Federal Network System. All three management are important to the company and it represents company indirectly. Managerial Problems – Managing people is not easy, because everyone is an individual personality and everyone has their own opinion. Everyday people face different problems and challenges. These problems maybe small or big, but those problems need to be solvedRead MoreCan We Trust Big Data Essay1440 Words   |  6 PagesCan We Trust Big Data? Tanvir Singh 500826428 1. Big data lets many companies analyze data about their customers, if it is used efficiently. Spotify for example, uses its data to give the customer a better listening experience. By using their big data, they can pick up on preferences and tastes of the customers who are using the service. In order to create a better experience for the consumer â€Å"Spotify uses the big data it collects on user listening habits to design highly individualized products†Read MoreManaging Of The Digital World826 Words   |  4 PagesChapter 1: Managing in the Digital World One of the biggest focuses of Chapter 1 was the 5 megatrends of Information Technology. The textbook identified Mobile, Social Media, Internet of Things, Cloud Computing and Big Data as the big five (Valacich 2016). Personally, I have observed this shift in my IT career in K-12 Education. Initially, schools were primarily Windows OS desktops and laptops. However over time, it’s definitely shifted to a Post-PC environment. 1-1 device programs have triggeredRead MoreChallenges Facing The It Management1100 Words   |  5 Pagescybersecurity, data management, and use of mobile platforms and social media. Cybersecurity Cybersecurity has always been a hot topic of debate among the management in the IT field. With daily announcements of security breaches, lost data and exposed customers, cybersecurity is kept at the forefront of employees consciousness (Frenkel, 2014). Managing and strengthening security and privacy for the organizations systems and data is now a top priority across all industries. Cybercrime has become big businessRead MoreTypes Of Big Data And Large Data1635 Words   |  7 PagesBig data is a term used to define the amount of data, structures and unstructured, so huge that traditional data base managements techniques are rendered useless and the storage and analytics of this data pose a problem. There are various types of big data and big data can be defined in four Vs, which are: Volume, Velocity, Variety and Veracity. The problem is solved by Google Distributed File System, an application that google created for it’s own use to automatically store data. With the amountRead MoreDatabase Analysis : Database Management System1114 Words   |  5 Pagesorganized collection of logically related data. It consists of tables, queries, views and other objects. Database management system is a software system used for creating and managing databases. It is a collection of programs used to store, modify and extract information from database. It helps users and programmers for creating updating and managing the data in a systematic way. There are many types of database management system ranging from small systems to huge systems that run on personal computers andRead MoreSystem Theory Of Information Systems Essay1235 Words   |  5 PagesSystem Theory Information systems can be classified into four types. These type are highly recognizable within an organization, mainly for its effectiveness in terms of interpreting information. Information systems are both manage by people such as analysts and automated systems such as databases servers, in a way they complement each other. Its aim is to assist and maintain the management, operation, and decision making of the organization’s day to day procedures. The first level of an Information

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Can You Truly Ever Escape - 2156 Words

Can you truly ever escape? In ancient times, the need to know what is to come can be best exhibited by exploring methods in which the Greeks answers their questions for the future. â€Å"This desire was interwoven within the everyday life of the ancient Greeks, derived from the numerous oracles which were prevalent in ancient Greece as well as from stories which showed the confidence that people of that era had in prophecies.† (Kane) Prophets and prophetesses played a significant role in Greek literature from the time of Homer. For instance, the mythological blind prophet Tiresias was an infallible source of information for the Greeks and appears frequently in Greek tragedy. The most memorable of his warnings was in Sophocles’ Oedipus the King, king of Thebes that he was the land’s pollution. The prophet Tiresias spoke the truth about Oedipus—â€Å"God within reckon that out, and if you find me mistaken, say I have no skill in prophecy†Ã¢â‚¬â€denouncing the tragedy, as the a ngry Oedipus begins his painful search for the truth about himself. However, the prophecy is Oedipus’s ultimate demise. Oedipus fought the limits of free will by ignoring social ques, and even disbelieving respected characters, but was never able to escape his fate. â€Å"The Concise Oxford English Dictionary defines fate as ‘the development of events outside a person’s control, regarded as predetermined by a supernatural power.’ This, therefore, would pose opposition to free will, defined as ‘the power of acting withoutShow MoreRelated Ednas Escape The Awakening Essay931 Words   |  4 PagesEdnas Escape The Awakening Edna’s Escape The ending of Kate Chopin’s The Awakening is both controversial and thought provoking. Many see Edna Pontellier’s suicide as the final stage of her â€Å"awakening†, and the only way that she will ever be able to truly be free. Edna’s suicide, however, is nothing more than her final attempt to escape from her life. Edna Pontellier’s life has become too much for her to handle, and by committing suicide she is simply escaping the oppression she feels fromRead More Love and Agony in A Farewell to Arms Essay935 Words   |  4 Pageswar were really like that?    Its not. Its war. Ernest Hemingways, A Farewell to Arms is a book about war. As a reader, when I start reading a book about death, blood, guts, and destruction, I typically will not expect a Cinderella Happily Ever After, aw, isnt that sweet? ending. But, isnt it a love story? Well, yes, its love in war. Let us not forget the circumstances that surround and confine this love. Is the tragic ending of the novel thus valid? Well, yes- it is war, after allRead MoreLiterature : A Road For Victory1156 Words   |  5 Pagesfrom it as pos-sible†¦Ã¢â‚¬  (Murakami). What better way to escape than to read that favorite book of yours. Don’t have a favorite book? Well, let me introduce you to the wonderful world of literature. Like many others out there today, one may think reading is boring. I’d like to think that is only because they have not found that one book that catches their attention. It is sort of like those who judge food without trying it; you don’t know un til you try it. Being forced to read a book in high school isRead MoreFrankenstein And Mary Shelly : The Definition Of Literature823 Words   |  4 PagesThere is no one definition of literature. Nothing about this term—which is so vital to our lives—can be placed into that black and white corner that this question endeavors to force it into. What is literature? What is the feeling of experiencing life through another set of eyes? What is it like having your very soul poured out and sorted out into words on a page? What is that feeling? Traditionally, when I contemplate literature, I recall the beloved classics of William Shakespeare or Jane AustenRead MoreThe Awakening By Kate Chopin1656 Words   |  7 Pagesthese adjectives do not fairly denote who a hero truly is. Can you ever consider an outcast a hero?... living within the norms and ideas of society that may reject his/her own philosophy, an outcast that may just be eagerly fighting, both physically and mentally to convey what others cannot see. It’s time we realized that a hero can be derive from distinctive ideas or norms build within society, but the characteristic that one must contained to truly be derived or look upon as a hero†¦ is love†¦ theRead MoreA Child Called It : A Truly Touching And Inspirational Story Essay1579 Words   |  7 PagesA Child Called â€Å"It†- a truly touching and inspirational story that takes the reader on an emotional rollercoaster. Anger, shock, fear, and heartbreak are just a few of the emotions felt while reading the story of a young boy who fought for his life each and every day. David, the young boy facing unimaginable circumstances, did many things out of the ordinary for a child of his age but necessary in order for survival. In part of his fight for his life every day, David was forced to steal food oneRead MoreAnalysis of The Importance of Being Earnest by Oscar Wylde757 Words   |  3 PagesAnalysis of The Importance of Being Earnest: A Trivia Comedy for Serious People Oscar Wilde’s The Importance of Being Earnest is a satirical comedy, in which the characters create a double life to escape the burdens of the many social obligations imposed by late Victorian London society. The play repeatedly derides even the most sensitive social customs of the Victorian period, such as love and the institution of marriage. The protagonists, Algernon and Ernest, demonstrate Wilde’s suggestion ofRead MoreHarrison Bergeron Essay: Society Is Not Equal883 Words   |  4 PagesHarrison Bergeron Essay Have you ever wondered what the world would be like if everyone was legally forced into the governments opinion of equality? In Kurt Vonnegut Jr.s short story Harrison Bergeron, it is the year 2081 and the government has altered society to be mentally, physically and socially equal. The beautiful people are covered with hideous masks, the intelligent people wear ear pieces that let off loud obnoxious sounds at random to throw off there thought process and the strongRead MoreEscape in Tennessee Williams ´ The Glass Menagerie626 Words   |  3 Pages In Tennessee Williams drama The Glass Menagerie, Williams uses symbolism and foreshadowing to show how the little things in peoples lives can be the escape of the reality of daily problems that they may face, main example being Lauras glass figures. Story is introduced with Tom, the protagonist and narrator of the story. The other characters are his sister Laura, and his mother Amanda, who is the antagonist. An imperative element about the story is that it is not told in the narrators presentRead MoreZen Essay616 Words   |  3 Pageseasy thing. Finding the inspiration to accomplish the things that will make us feel like fulfilled human beings is not an simple task. Like a wise person once said Why is it that the deeper you go, the bigger it gets? What drives great men to do great things? What drives evil men to do evil things? How can I find the courage inside me to accomplish all that I want to do, much less, figure out what I want to do? Life is full of different choices, which i nevitably lead to different questions. Working

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Learning Team Skills and Assessment Paper Free Essays

In the University of Phoenix curricula GEN480 Capstone course, Learning Team C represents a somewhat diverse group of skills. Based on a matrix of categories including field of expertise, strengths, business skills, computer skills, and language, the four members of Learning Team C shared their self-assessment in each of these. It is interesting that there is a good complement of customer service, leadership, business acumen, computer skills, and even some additional foreign language skills. We will write a custom essay sample on Learning Team Skills and Assessment Paper or any similar topic only for you Order Now Patrice Davis – A strong customer service background with good listening and communication skills. Patrice is also team-oriented and has good basic computer skills. Cindy Jost – A member of management, Cindy has experience in the travel industry and in addition to leadership, lists communication, negotiation skills and software knowledge as strengths. Silvia Miller – Silvia represents the quality assurance management side of commercial banking. Her strengths are leadership, people skills, flexibility, software knowledge, and speaks three languages including fluent Portuguese. Mike Wray – Seasoned leader and manager with a focus on health care supply chain management. Mike brings experience in common-sense approach process improvement and good communication skills. He also has a good understanding of software and databases and their best application. The skill of these positions is a combination of personal strengths, business skills and computer skills. The personal strengths range from professionalism to social skills, from dependability to honesty, from ambition to understanding, and trustworthiness to leadership skills. From the examination of the skills listed it appears that the skill required in most functions listed is public speaking and presentation skills. Although public speaking always has been recognized in the business community, the online learning program does not incorporate this class into their curricula. Public speaking and presentation skills are essential in the management and leadership field. The student can overcome the fear of facing people, and can improve their communication skills. For instance, in a job interview, the interviewer judge the person based on their qualifications but also the ability to deliver a good public speaking session. For a college student the ability of deliver good public speaking session are also tested. Unfortunately, the clarity of the speaking skills cannot be heard because of the online learning environment. There are many things you can do to improve your public speaking skills: Preparation of the presentation: Good public speakers prepare the material to be presented. He or she will outline the presentation to have a clear view of what the speech is about. Also, they know their audience. Tell a Story: This is one of the best tools available to use to persuade other people. Use your voice effectively: To keep people interest about the story, a voice variation is important for instance the use of pause and voice excitement. Use your body: this is extremely important when communicating because you need to engaged your listeners. Another way through which a person can become more effective at public speaking is to become a member of Toastmasters International. â€Å"Toastmaster International is a nonprofit organization that offers a proven and enjoyable way to practice and hone communication and leadership skills† (Toastmasters, 2010). In fact, based on the description of experience and skills presented on the Team C Matrix, the team presented two consulting firms as potential employers. Consulting firms are a popular career choice for college graduates. As the need for specialized professionals in areas of business is growing so is the specialization of consulting firms. Three consulting firms that make a good match based on Team C’s skill set include Navigant Consulting a management firm, Pricewaterhouse Cooper LLP an accounting firm and Mercer LLC a firm specializing in human resources (List of Top Consulting Firms, 2010). The benefit for companies to hire a specialized consulting firms is to ensure a better delivery, quality and over all monitoring of their current project. Team C’s members bring a variety of skills to the hiring table. When searching for companies to apply to the goal is to finding the best fit base on experience and education. Navigant is a management consulting firm out of the greater Chicago area (Navigant Consulting, 2011). The team member that would best be employed with Navigant is Michael Wray. Based on his leadership skills and management expertise is a good fit here. Silvia Miller is the team member with a financial background so the best fit for this team member is a position within the firm of Pricewaterhouse Cooper LLP. Pricewaterhouse specialty is accounting (PWC 2011). Mercer is a company focused in Human Resources which is also part customer service (Mercer, 2011). This company has career paths that will meet the need of all Team C’s members but Patrice Davis and Cindy Jost would be the best fit here because of their customer service expertise. Some needed skills are a continual thirst for learning. Once a person stops, learning one also stops growing. Also can be a hindrance in the ability to be innovative and creative. This skill is sometimes obtained through company-sponsored classes, seminars, and incentives to attend and complete such company sponsored learning opportunities. Another needed skill is statistics and research design. This is researching in-house to define the research problem, find an answer by designing a study and the appropriate instruments. Coding, analyzing, reporting, and making recommendations on the discoveries of the defined problem is a part of research design. This skill is obtained only if the company sees this as an asset and important to the company. If the case, someone can be brought in who has experience in statistics and research design. Cross-cultural understanding is also a skill needed because in this economy more minorities are entering the workforce all the time. This skill is obtained through company sponsored cultural days or seminars. Possessing a business skill is a needed skill. Employees need to have â€Å"business savvy† a combination of technical training and interpersonal skills. This skill is obtainable by one receiving technical training and the teaching of good interpersonal skills, preferably during achieving education prior to entering the workforce. 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Microsoft Case Essays (1904 words) - Netscape, Netscape Navigator

Microsoft Case There have been many arguments and issues that have been raised with the controversy over Microsoft and the U.S. Department of Justices claim against Microsoft and its founder Bill Gates of monopolistic practices in bundling its internet browser Internet Explorer into its popular Windows computer operating system. By doing this, Microsoft would effectively crush its competitors (its main rival being Netscape Navigator), and acquire a monopoly over the software that people use to access the Internet. I recently heard a listener on NPR (National Public Radio) comment about the monopoly issue between Microsoft and the U.S. D.O.J. that Intellectual endeavors are vastly infinite and thus cannot be monopolized. I wonder if the person who said this has ever tried telling that to Bill Gates. More importantly, is such a statement true? Does computer software constitute an intellectual endeavor that cannot be monopolized? To answer this issue, an inductive argument can be applied to determine if Microsoft truly has a monopoly over the computer industry. To say that something is infinite implies that there is an endless supply of it. Is this the case in terms of the Internet and the software that is used to navigate or explore the Internet as the two leading Internet Browsers have been dubbed by their makers? The resources of the Internet may seem infinitely vast, but it is wholly finite. There is an abundance of information out there on the Internet that it seems unlikely that any one com pany or even a country like the U.S. could ever monopolize this vast data network. By the nature of how the Internet works and how information is stored and shared on the network, it is true that a monopoly cannot be held over the intellectual information stored within the Internet. On this point I will accede to the original authors claim that intellectual endeavors cannot be monopolized, but this is vastly different from the issue that stands before Microsoft and the U.S. Department of Justice. The question that must be distinguished is not if Microsoft will gain a monopoly over the Internet, but if it will acquire a monopoly on how people access the Internet. These two are wholly separate issues. This is not a question of control of intellectual information, but the means by which people gain *access* to that information. Even if the information provided by the Internet was infinite, the tools by which to get to that information is not. And thus a monopoly of the software to gain access to the Internet is very much possible. There are many corridors and keys that allow someone to gain access to the Internet. The real question here is whether Microsoft is seeking to widen its doors at the expense of others and at the same time seeking gatekeeper access to the Internet by seeking to obtain the only key that allows access to the Internet. A metaphor of this problem can be explained through a library building that has many entrances in which to reach the knowledge of books contained within. Is Microsoft seeking to close off the other entrances of other providers so that the only access is through its entrance? It would be very tempting to say yes, but that would be wholly unfair. Now that the problem and issue which is presented to us is clear, an examination of whether or not Microsoft is violating any anti-trust (anti-monopolistic) laws can now proceed. Before he installed Windows 95, John Dodge connected to the Internet using software from a Microsoft competitor, CompuServe's Internet in a Box. Not anymore. Windows 95 silently disabled a key piece of his setup and made it too difficult for him to reinstall it. Dodge was not a novice. He is senior executive editor of the trade journal PC Week and so had access to the highest level support engineers. Even software professionals learn to take the path of least resistance, in this case, the path leading to Microsoft. He has become a regular user of the new Microsoft Network, though he has trouble with its Internet features. Still, he believes Microsoft executives when they deny trying to gain market share by sabotaging competitors' software. He just wonders whether Microsoft has

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Frogs Amphibian and Essays Research Papers

Frogs Amphibian and Essays Research Papers Frogs: Amphibian and Essays Research Papers Frogs are usually small animals that have smooth, moist skin, bulging eyes, and external eardrums behind the eyes; the adults lack a tail. Frogs have long hind legs, and most species can take long leaps. Many species also have webbed feet, making them excellent swimmers. Most frogs, especially males, are quite vocal. As the frog forces air through the voice box, or larynx, the vocal cords vibrate to make calls distinctive of its species. A much louder sound is produced by the males of species that possess vocal sacs, which swell enormously when the frog calls to attract a mate.... [tags: essays research papers] 413 words (1.2 pages) FREE Essays [view] Frogs - Frogs are needed for everyday life. They are part of pond life. Each animal is important because even in the pond, there is a food chain. Frogs are amphibians, animals that spend half of their lives under water, and remainder on land. The first frog appeared in the early Jurassic period about 200 million years ago. Frogs live on every continent except Antarctica, but tropical regions have the largest amount. Like all amphibians, frogs spend half their lives near water because they must return to the water to lay their eggs.... [tags: essays research papers fc] :: 1 443 words (1.3 pages) FREE Essays [view] Frogs - Frogs are amphibians in the order Anura. The order Anura is broken down into 22 different families of frogs and toads. Although they belong to the same order, frogs and toads are different in a lot of ways. Some of the more distinct differences are their skin and where they live. Frogs usually have smooth moist skin and toads usually have dry watery looking skin. Frogs spend most of their lives in or near water and toads spend more time on land. Amphibian means "double

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Heres how to get that job, even if youre underqualified.

Heres how to get that job, even if youre underqualified. Typical job search wisdom says you shouldn’t send off resumes to jobs you know you just don’t have the qualifications to land. But there are some circumstances, especially in tech, where a job might be just beyond your reach, but still attainable if you know how to work what you have to its full potential. Here are a few strategies to help you craft a job-seeking persona that will help you shoot beyond your experience level. After all, if you’re trying to break into a new field, how is it possible for you to have 3-5 years experience anyway? Try these tips instead of writing off your ideal job as a lost cause.Showcase the skills you do have.You might not tick every box they seek, but it’s possible that you tick some boxes with more gusto than anybody else applying. Play up what you do have, and then take the focus away from their list and make your own list- you might have skills they didn’t realize they needed for their open position. Make a case t hat your unique combination of skills is actually even better suited for the job, and then go on to explain how and why.Focus on your potential.Even if you don’t have a specific knowledge base or set of skills, show you have the desire and potential to learn whatever you’ll need to know. Play up your motivation and drive. Emphasize the speed of your learning curve, and explain how quickly you acquired expertise in something previously. Don’t just tell them you’ll hit the ground running and pick up what you don’t have on the fly. Show them how you’ve done this throughout your career.Fill in your gaps.Use your cover letter to provide context for whatever skills and experience you lack, and as a way of smoothing over the holes they might see in your resume. Make an upbeat, short-but-sweet case for why they ought to give your resume, despite its holes, a second look. Be honest. You’re not a perfect candidate, but you might just be the per fect person for the job.Hold the recruiter’s hand.Don’t just slap down the bare facts of your skills and experience and hope whoever reads your resume is trained to read between the lines and construct your ideal candidacy for you. Connect the dots for them. Synthesize everything into one big picture for them. Make it clear- in your cover letter, on your resume, and in the interview.Stay positive.In your honesty, stay away from negative language like â€Å"I don’t know†¦Ã¢â‚¬  â€Å"I’m not qualified to†¦Ã¢â‚¬  or â€Å"I’ve never done†¦Ã¢â‚¬  Frame things with a bit more optimism, like: â€Å"I’m eager to explore†¦Ã¢â‚¬  â€Å"I’d love to work on†¦Ã¢â‚¬  etc. Be aware of what you don’t know and don’t have going for you right now, but also make it clear that you are conscious of what you lack and are eager to do what needs to be done to get up to speed.When in doubt, ask.If you’r e on the fence and not sure whether to throw your application into the pile, send a quick email off to the recruiter asking them to clarify what they mean by â€Å"proficiency in _____.† It will save both parties time and energy in the end.Give them what they don’t even realize they want.If you want it badly enough and have the drive and guts to go for it, you’re halfway there. Concentrate on showing your passion and tenacity. The rest, unless you’re way off the requirements mark, can usually be learned on the job with enough work behind the scenes. Show the proper level of excitement, demonstrate how close you are to being their ideal, and let them see just how hard you’ll work to get up to speed.

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Importance of Effective Communication Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Importance of Effective Communication - Essay Example Effective communication is important for a successful relationship among peers. Effective communication leads to a better interpersonal role and through this approach a person can gain popularity and will be able to motivate or influence other people. How can the quality of communication be judged This is rather simple if we take the written modules in consideration. That is how well the author has related the matter to the subject. In the verbal context it is a bit different. Having a strong vocabulary is just not enough for becoming a good communicator as while delivering a message directly words are just about 7% effective, the tone is around 38% effective and the rest is judged by the nonverbal cues given by the speaker. This is why a gloomy dialogue expressed by a charismatic personality is of more importance as compared to a strong statement made in an in-effective tone. Strengths regarding communication in my context are that I am easy going and fain familiarity with other ind ividuals quite quickly as I am more affable. My strengths are that I can easily manage groups due to my understanding and simple use of language. My point is based on cogency as I prefer no hesitation in delivering my point of view and another important point about good communication is that let the speaker finish and then cite your view. This also improves upon communication prospect and the person utilizing this is considered a good communicator. Nonverbal communication The other fact that can be related to better communication is the ability to handle the kinesics and the non-verbal cues. Non-verbal cues include eye contact, body movement and postures, and most of all the tone of delivery. I believe that good eye-contact entails one as being a better communicator and it is vital if delivering strong messages and in-person contact. Keeping a measurable distance from the interacting person is a good approach and it is regarded as a good conduct in many cultures. But one is not to s tand too far as it shows the avoidance factor. People like to free up space in between themselves and the present environment so that they can produce their messages more effectively and easily. My case is that I am able to convey my message without the need of personal space. The personal space does not influence my mode of message delivery. Dynamic Non-verbal factors of Communication Next I would like to introduce the dynamic non-verbal factors. These include eye graze, body movement with regard to the statement, gestures, paralanguage and time frame. What I mean by body movement with regard to the statements is the point that your body should act in accordance with your message delivery. If you are delivering a message regarding something that has increased then the arm movement should (if required) should be 'raising the level'. Similarly eye contact is of prime importance and the ability to understand this feature is also of much substance. This can lead to the avoidance of man y undesirable consequences. Message Delivery I think that denying someone's message is a wrong act as we should try to convince him in such a way that he himself identifies the consequence. Saying 'NO' is something that is regarded as bad in the context of effective communication.